Aerial Survey and Mapping

Utilising aerial imagery and data to create accurate maps and models.

Aerial Survey & Mapping

A drone survey involves employing a drone, equipped with sensors like RGB, thermal or multispectral cameras, along with LIDAR payloads, to gather aerial data from a top-down perspective. Unlike traditional manned aircraft or satellite imaging, drones operate at significantly lower altitudes. This unique capability enables the rapid creation of high-resolution and highly accurate data, at a reduced cost, and without being affected by atmospheric conditions like cloud cover.

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  • Accurate & Exhaustive Data
  • Map Inaccessible Areas
  • Reduce Field & Survey Costs
  • Increased Safety for teams

Drone Survey Deliverables

Drone aerial survey and mapping have fundamentally transformed the process of collecting geospatial data and creating maps for a wide array of applications. This information is made accessible through a diverse set of deliverables achieved by employing specialised processing software. Drone aerial mapping ensures the provision of precise, prompt, and adaptable geospatial data, amplifying the efficiency of decision-making, planning, and resource management across various sectors. Wildsky Drones offers the option of delivering accurate raw data to clients for processing, or can process in-house providing tailored deliverables to client specifications.

  • Orthomosaic maps
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Numerous File Formats
  • 3d Point Clouds
  • Contour Maps
  • Google Earth Overlays
  • Volumetrics

Drone Survey Accuracy

Wildsky Drones delivers accurate data outcomes by leveraging cutting-edge technology, meticulously surveyed Ground Control Points (GCPs), advanced specialised flight planning, and sophisticated data processing software. This integrated strategy guarantees the creation of high-quality deliverables with centimeter-level accuracy for clients.

  • Surveyed Ground Control Points
  • GSD below 1cm/pixel
  • High Quality Drones and Sensors
  • Accurate Flight Planning
  • Centimetre Level Accuracy

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