Drone Aerial Seeding

Precise Solutions for Effective Aerial Seeding

Drone Aerial Seeding

Aerial seeding with drones is an innovative and sustainable method for cropping, reforestation and land restoration in Australia. Drones equipped with seeding mechanisms efficiently disperse seeds over large and remote areas, speeding up the planting and reforestation process while minimising environmental impact. This approach is gaining popularity across diverse Australian landscapes, as it helps with land management,  combating land degradation and enhancing biodiversity.

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  • Precision Application
  • Flexibility and Accessibility
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Cost Effective
  • Increased Safety

Agricultural Seeding

Smart Agriculture

Wildsky Drones has the capability to provide highly efficient seeding applications through the utilisation of cutting-edge drone technology tailored for ecological restoration and precision agriculture. Our drones are equipped with Smart Screw Feeders and Vertical Centrifugal Spreading Discs, enabling precise and customisable spreading widths. They can carry the equivalent of 60 litres of seeds or granules, making them versatile and effective tools for precision seeding operations.

  • 60 Litre Granule Container
  • Spreading speed up to 50kph
  • Smart Screw Feeder
  • Easily adjustable spreading width

Drone Granular Delivery

Drone aerial granular delivery stands at the forefront of precise and efficient granular material distribution across a range of applications. These advanced drones are equipped with intelligent delivery systems that ensure pinpoint accuracy and environmentally friendly granule deployment, minimizing reliance on ground-based machinery and labor-intensive processes. Wildsky Drones is dedicated to making this cutting-edge technology accessible to all, with the aim of enhancing productivity and sustainability across a diverse range of industries.

  • Fertiliser Spreading
  • Aerial baiting of pests
  • Plant protection
  • Granules up to 6mm

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