Thermal Imaging

See the invisible with a thermal camera, day or night.

Aerial Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging by drone utilises specialised infrared cameras to capture and analyze heat signatures. The infrared sensors detect temperature variations on the Earth's surface or objects, creating thermal images that reveal valuable insights not visible to the naked eye. This powerful tool finds applications in many fields.

  • Search & Rescue
  • Fire Fighting
  • Wildlife
  • Environmental
fas fa-camera
  • Agriculture
  • Asset Inspection
  • Construction
  • Surveillance

Thermal Video

See the Unseen

Our triple sensor camera captures thermal imagery and RGB imagery simultaneously, day or night. This versatility enables us to detect temperature anomalies, inspect buildings, monitor industrial equipment, assist search and rescue missions, assess crop health in agriculture, and gather valuable data and insights from the skies. We can also carry a searchlight synced to the camera for added capability. 

  • Radiometric
  • Searchlight
  • Safety
  • RGB Imagery
  • Day or Night
  • Wide Camera
  • Thermal Camera
  • Zoom Camera

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