Aerial Seeding FAQ

Aerial Seeding & Granular Application FAQ

What are the advantages of using drones for seeding or granular application?

Some of the advantages of using drones for seeding and granular application include:

  • Increased efficiency and precision in distributing seeds or granules.
  • No contact with other vegetation preventing transfer of weeds.
  • Cost-effective: Ag drones can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional seeding methods, especially for small to medium-sized areas. They require less labor and equipment, and can reduce the amount of seed wasted during planting.
  • Accessibility: Ag drones can access hard to get at places that traditional methods cannot reach easily such as steep or rugged terrain.
    • Providing not only improved land management but significant increases in safety.
    • Allowing access to areas that are too wet for traditional machinery to drive on.
  • No soil compaction or disturbance.
What is the capacity of the granule container?
How fast can the drone fly while spreading?
How many hectares per hour can the drone dispense seed or granules?

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